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accutane side effects

Accutane - Side Effects

Isotretinion is an extremely powerful drug. It also has powerful side-effects that need to be monitored by a doctor during the course of the treatment as some of them will not be apparent without proper testing. Listed here are the more serious side-effects that can occur as a result of taking Accutane:


  • Isotretinion should NEVER be used by pregnant women.
  • Isotretinion is teratogenic—it causes fetal abnormalities.
  • The drug must not be used for 1 month before and after pregnancy as well as during pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy prevention programs are available and must be adhered to.


  • Isotretinoin may cause mood swings or depression.
  • Be wary of sudden changes in mood.
  • A possible increase in suicide rate has been brought up although it has not been substantiated clinically.


  • Hyperostosis (excess bone growth) may occur, but usually is of no consequence.
  • Osteoperosis (bone thinning) can occur, even though the risk is relatively small.
  • In children, bone length can be reduced.


  • Pancreatitis is a risk if triglyceride levels increase too quickly.
  • Doctors will likely monitor these levels.


  • Accutane may be mildly irritating to the liver.


  • Depression, sometimes extremely severe has been reported in some patients.
  • Headaches are sometimes reported.
  • Pseudotumors can occur which causes unwanted side-effects like headaches, nausea, and visual problems.


  • Inflammation around the joints can occur, and can cause tendonitis.
  • Aches and pains in the back are relatively common.


  • Rarely, the ability to produce white blood cells can occur.


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