A Patient's Guide to Acne
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Daily Acne Skin Care

Skin Cleansers

Acne Cleansers
Acne cleansers are the first go-to treatment for acne. They are available over the counter, and are a convenient solution. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and antibacterial cleansers are some of the most used ingredients for acne cleansers.

Skin Cleansers For Different Skin Types
Cleansing is the most critical part of acne prevention and treatment, and the first line of defense for acne patients. By skin type, appropriate cleansers are recommended.

Mild Cleansers
Mild cleansers play an important part of skincare for those with sensitive skin. Specific acne cleanser advice is provided.

Acne Cosmetics

Oil Free Cosmetics
Cosmetics can sometimes induce flare-ups, which can be a serious concern for those with acne. Oil free cosmetics can help reduce the chance of an unwanted reaction, especially for those with oily skin.

Skin Camouflage
Skin camouflages play an important practical role in an acne patientís toolbox. While it is not a treatment, it effectively covers up blemishes when itís needed. Instructions on how to use them, which types of color to use, and choosing products are covered.

Skin Foundations
Foundations are often used to cover up blemishes or blend in color problems. The article delves into the advantages and disadvantages of different types of foundations.

Skin Foundations For Different Skin Types
The ideal skin foundation depends partly on a personís skin type. This article covers skin types, product choices for the skin types, and other topics like acne scars.


Moisturizers are an important part of overall skincare, and acne patients are no exception. This article details important topics like the mechanism of moisturizers, what they do, and when they should be used.


Sunscreens, like cleansing and moisturizing are an integral part of skincare, and it is no different for those with acne. Various important topics about sun damage and protection are covered in this extensive article.