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Skin Camouflage

Skin camouflage isnít talked about much in the medical community, but it is an important tool for people with acne. While concealing creams will not improve acne, it covers it up very well, and it does so immediately. This is a major advantage as acne medications can take weeks or even months before its full effect can be seen, which is unhelpful if you have an event coming up on the weekend. While camouflaging will not remove acne, it is a very practical and effective short-term fix. Below are tips and advice about using camouflage cosmetics for covering acne.

Choosing the right camouflage

  • Use oil-free cosmetics to minimize the chance of irritation
  • Water based creams or alcohol based liquids tend to be less likely to aggravate acne
  • Sheer or transparent foundations may help acne
  • Choose products that are labelled non-comedogenic
  • Choose the right colors (shown below)

Choosing appropriate colors

  • Choose green creams to cover redness of the skin
  • Choose yellow creams to mask purple
  • Choose mauve creams to cover darker brown and black spots
  • Lavender creams can cover yellowish pigmentation

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