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Oil Free Cosmetics

Foundations and cover-ups are one of the most commonly used “band-aid” solutions to acne. Although they aren’t a long-term solution, they are effective, and in the short-term (a party on the weekend), the only effective cover as all acne treatments require weeks or months even to see improvement. Unfortunately, the cosmetics used to cover the acne can sometimes aggravate existing acne if you aren’t careful.


Many cosmetics are formulated with oily ingredients, often for consistency so that the product remains on the skin for longer and provides better coverage. Unfortunately it can also clog the pores, and aggravate acne, especially if you naturally have oily skin. Oil free products or non-comedogenic products are less likely to trigger acne in the same way.

While using oil-free products do not guarantee that acne will not occur (every skin is individual and there are many other factors involved), it is less likely that the skin will react negatively to these cosmetics.


  • If acne is a problem, choose water or alcohol based products over oil based ones
  • For cover-up foundations, use matte or semi-matte
  • Oil-free cosmetics may need to be reapplied quicker than oil based ones

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