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Skin Foundations For Different Skin Types

Normal Skin

Normal skin is very flexible and can accept all kinds of foundations. It is important to remember that depending on the area of the skin, it may be more or less oily.

  • Semi-matte foundations for light coverage of minor acne
  • Moderate coverage for deeper red scars

Dry Skin

Although an uncommon skin type for acne problems, acne can still occur. A slightly oilier foundation is recommended for general use. To cover acne, however, we recommend a lighter product.

  • Soufflé foundations may be better to moisturize the skin for general use
  • For covering acne spots, a regular foundations is recommended

Oily Skin

Oily skin and acne is a common and troublesome combination. The difficulty is that foundations and cover-ups that are oil based can actually aggravate acne. There are available options, however.

  • Choose oil-free foundations if possible as they are the least likely to aggravate acne
  • Matte or semi-matte foundations are also a good choice
  • For inflamed acne bumps, moderate coverage is required

Acne Scars

Foundations and cover-ups are often used to cover acne scars. As scars are notoriously difficult to effectively treat, cover-ups and cosmetics are often the only effective solution for many. Assuming that acne is currently not a problem, choose oily foundations, or silicone based ones.

Finally, it is important with any cosmetics not to leave them on the skin for too long. Leaving make-up on and going to bed is a common mistake that can irritate the skin, and be a trigger for acne flare-ups.

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