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Skin Foundations

Foundations are often used to cover up major and minor blemishes in the skin. Acne is a common reason for applying foundations, and evens the color to the surrounding skin. There are four general types of foundations:


Water based foundations are useful for those with normal skin. Compared to oil-based foundations, they are less sticky. These products still contain oil as the emulsion is based on water and oil, but they will have substantially less oil than the oil based products.


Oil-based foundations are made of water-oil emulsions. With these foundations, the water evaporates quickly after being applied leaving the color and the oil on the skin. It may not be a good match for those with extremely oily skin. These are best for those with dry skin.


Oil free foundations contain no oil. It can help those with oily skin or very oily skin from being exposed to oil contained in cosmetics.


These foundations are waterproof. They combine oil, alcohol, and synthetic esthers and are generally opaque.

How to apply

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly but gently
  • Apply camouflage if desired to the target area
  • Wait a few minutes to allow the cream to dry
  • Foundation can be applied to cover the area and blend the color into the skin

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