A Patient's Guide to Acne
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Acne Treatment Options:

Your Options for Acne Treatment

When it comes to acne treatment, it is very important to keep your goals specific and realistic. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing your acne treatment.

Before Acne Treatment

  • Understand the type of acne that you have
  • Understand your treatment options
  • Discuss treatment options with your doctor and set realistic goals for your treatment

Acne Treatment Goals

  • To control existing acne
  • To prevent new acne from forming and developing
  • To treat existing scars and to minimize the chance of new scars forming

Facts and considerations about Acne Treatment

  • Acne treatment is effective, safe, and recommended for most types of acne
  • Acne can be damaging psychologically, and this warrants consideration
  • Early treatment can help prevent acne scarring from occurring
  • Acne treatment will require patienceódonít expect acne to disappear immediately
  • Compliance is critical with any treatment regimen
  • For some medications, acne can worsen before improvement occurs
  • Women have other acne treatment options such as birth control pills
  • It is always important to discuss potential benefits as well as drawbacks with your doctor

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