A Patient's Guide to Acne
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Acne Treatment Options:

Non-Surgical Treatment

There are a variety of non-surgical treatments that are available for treating acne scars. Depending on the type and severity of scar, there are many convenient solutions.

Cover-up Cosmetics

Camouflage is a temporary solution, but one that is convenient and effective. No other procedure can hide a scar better for an event on the weekend. Modern camouflages are very effective and safe, making for a convenient solution.

Topical Creams

For milder acne scars, topical creams can help improve their appearance. Tretinoin is a commonly used active to treat mild scarring, and other skin irregularities. For acne scars, a doctor may need to prescribe a stronger solution than one that is available over the counter.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can improve the overall tone of the skin, and make mild improvements in the appearance of minor scars. They will not make significant improvements on any substantial scarring.

Skin Fillers

Skin fillers can be used to fill in depressed areas of a scar, levelling it off with surrounding skin. Unfortunately, they are only effective for treating rolling scars, and only last from 3 to 6 months.


Artecoll can correct scars where the scarred skin is depressed compared to surrounding skin. Artecoll is not metabolized by the body easily, and thus has a longer lasting effect than traditional fillers.

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