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Learn to manage acne prone and oily skin this summer

Managing Acne-prone Oily Skin in the Summer

For those with oily skin, the summer can be a mixed blessing. Many people complain that their skin becomes oilier than usual during the summer months, often resulting in more frequent acne breakouts. It is thought that the combination of higher temperatures and increased humidity play a role in speeding up sebum (oil) production.

While a lot of the factors affecting oil production cannot be controlled, with a few adjustments, most cases of oily skin can be managed.

  • The hands are naturally oily, and also have a lot of dirt and grime from coming into contact with a lot of objects. Consciously avoid touching the face as much as possible, as it can aggravate oiliness in the face.
  • Hair is another common aggravator. The scalp releases a lot of grease which sticks to the hair. People with long hair often have difficulty controlling oiliness as the hair comes into contact with the central face, an area called the T Zone which naturally produces a large amount of oil. Keep your hair away from your face as much as possible. If you have a habit of touching your face with your hair, cutting it short, or tying it together can help avoid getting that extra oil on your face.
  • Wash your face once or twice a day to remove dirt and makeup, but don't overdo this. Too often, a person who is concerned about oily skin washes too frequently. Excess washing can both irritate the skin causing inflammation, as well as stimulate further oil production from the skin to compensate.
  • Find a cleanser that does not leave your skin feeling tight or irritated. Although it may feel like the product is "effective" skin oil serves an important purpose. Using harsh cleansers will backfire as the body compensates by producing more oil in response.
  • If you are still having trouble with acne breakouts, or excessively oily skin you may want to see a dermatologist.

These are very basic but very important things to keep in mind, when trying to control oily skin. Simply avoiding these common triggers that aggravate oily skin can make a big difference in the summer when the skin tends produce more oil. The next step is to cleanse using a product that works for you.

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